Marketing automation

Drive sales from your generated leads!

MASS DATA creates goal-based campaigns using marketing automation to keep your business and your leads on track. We focus on the behavior, needs and interests of your individual prospects and leads to improve their experience with your brand and their desire to convert.
It’s all about relevance
MASS DATA helps you focus on the right people to improve buying behavior, increase sales and decrease waste on advertising campaigns by consolidating your brand message.  
Does your company need help with any of the following?
Attracting qualified leads as well as drive sales
Lead nurturing and sales
Increase conversion rate with website or landing pages
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Convert as many leads as possible!
Better understand and leverage your business sale funnel as well as support your marketing. Once implemented you will immediately better understand your own business as-well as support your customers on their journey.
Get better insights through a centralized marketing database
Lead generation
Goal-based workflows
Email marketing
Segmentation and personalization
Lifecycle marketing
Content strategy
Analyze what is happening around your funnel
Website integration
Marketing automation agency
To improve your online presence, we always measure and analyze the performance of your online initiatives. Grading leads is very important to position them better for sales.
Do you know how qualified are your social media leads?
Personalization and segmentation are key!
Determine ROI lifecycle tracking
Track user behavior through customer life-cycle (CLC)
Augment and strengthen best-performing channels
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Nurture relationships with Marketing automation
Use technology to automate repetitive tasks, get better insights, improve conversion rates for your entire marketing funnel. Increase efficiency and reduce human errors.
We offer workflow automation, improve marketing intelligence, improve analysis of marketing campaigns and segment your user base to drive a really customer-centric strategy.
Lead generation
Lifecycle marketing and analytics
Marketing automation
Sales nurturing
Marketing automation agency
Support for marketing automation.
MASS DATA is a digital marketing agency that implements, supports and manages marketing automation solutions to improve lead nurturing, prospecting, lead generation and conversion rates. Marketing automation can dramatically help organizations improve their results from lead generation and sales nurturing efforts.
You will gain insights into the entire interaction history of everyone who visits your website or calls from all marketing channels, including social media, search, advertising and PPC, email, other websites, PR and third-party recommendations.
Marketing automation
Lead generation
Conversion optimization
ROI analysis
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