Data Reporting

What is Data Reporting?

Data reporting is the process of collecting, merging, and visualizing raw data from all available sources about your company and its business and evaluate its performance .

Why is data reporting and analytics so important for us?

Data reporting VS analytics

The data report will tell us where and how to spend the most time and resources and how to optimize campaigns as much as possible.

Data reports answer a lot of questions about your business like:


– revenues
– accounts receivables
– net profits




The obtained data are most often presented in Excel documents in the form of tables, graphs, or charts.

This provides a timely record of the financial health of the company, or a segment of your finances, such as sales.

1. Priority

A good analyst must give priority to the most important information, so they must be extremely thorough and accurate, because there is no space for mistakes in analytics.

Large amount of data collecting and processing ability

2. Processing

Another important skill is the ability to process and collect large amounts of data.


In the end, it is necessary to edit the data sensibly and present it in a format that is easy to read.

Editing data sensibly and presenting it in easy to read format

This is why we at MASS DATA, provide a wide variety of options to our clients. From UA, GA4, GTM implementations, to custom-built standalone data warehouses. Based on self hosted MYSQL databases or Cloud based solutions.


We then leverage this and provide you with comprehensive and interactive reports on data visualization tools like Google data studio, Tableau, Metabase, Power BI, etc… 

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